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Here at Space Harmony we like to refer to ourselves as Certified Organizational Gurus. We are here to help you rid yourself of any clutter and place it into efficient space for your household and/or business. We want to help you get organized to eliminate the feeling of being overwhelmed. We want you to live in peace and harmony!

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SH will partner with you to determine your needs and together we’ll come up with a plan to reach your organization goals. We specialize in every area of a home, an office space or organization solutions for literally any type of project. 

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From the kitchen pantry to the fridge to your master bedroom closet, we will work together to attack any area of your home that is cluttered and out of control. Any room in the house is a candidate:




Crawl spaces 




An office space has the tendency to have things pile up and clutter pretty easily. A neat office can make your productivity so much higher and save a lot of time as well. This process can include:

Clearing piles 

Organizing drawers

Shedding unnecessary paperwork

Filing necessary paperwork 

Revising your filing system 

Setting up a labeling system


In life we sometimes have a collection of pictures and memorabilia that remind us of our past and of course we want to hold on to these things. Unfortunately they can build up and you may not know what exactly to do with them. When organizing these type of items we can: 

Decide what to keep 

Figure out how to store them, whether it be photo boxes, scrapbooks etc

Sort things out by date 

Decide if digital is an option 

Organized Cubicles

Selling a home and not sure how to set the house up? Home staging sets the scene for buyers and creates immediate buyer interest in your property. Staging better helps buyers visualize the space in a home. 

Moving and worried about unpacking and things ending up everywhere? We can unpack your items and organize them the way you want it right after unboxing. Moving out and want things boxed up a particular way so that when you move in, everything is harmonious ? We can handle that as well! 

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